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Card Issuing system IS-Card

If you want to provide your customers with a wide range of contemporary financial products you should implement UPC’s card issuing and retail service IS-Card system.

IS-Card can help your bank implement credit and debit products with highly flexible parameters driven efficiency. Moreover the system serves to develop savings and checking accounts and to increase efficiency of your  issuing business. IS-Card contains all necessary tools for the development of CRM and loyalty programs.

IS-Card is fully compatible with other banking platforms and is developed according to National Bank of Ukraine’s requirements and International Payment Systems’ standards. For today IS-Card is implemented in 22 Ukrainian banks and one state enterprise.

UPC’s developers can always upgrade and restructure the system according to your bank’s needs and to implement additional functionality.

Some useful feature of IS-Card

Savings programs linked to a card encourage customers to keep more money at the bank account. Account balance and time period the funds are at the account make the interest rates flexible. Automatic or manual money transfers are available between card and savings account.

Credit Grace period
A free of interest, privileged period with which the bank can easily create a variety of card products by using more than ten schemes of interest’s calculation. The grace period can be renewed if the cardholder repays the indicated part of the loan in time.

Additional credit lines with the scheduled debt repayment by equal parts. Usually, cardholders can get them while shopping using valid credit card.

Multicurrency makes any currency available for the main and alternative account.

Prepaid (virtual, instant or gift) cards
It is easy to create different types of cards for shopping online, for making presents or instant credits as the addition to the traditional credit and debit cards. Opportunity for the bank to get more cardholders, more money on the bank accounts, to increase the number of cards transactions and the line of card products.

Recurrent (utility) payment is a convenient tool for cardholders to pay monthly bills, including utilities or any other services, repay the loan, and replenish card or savings account automatically.

Loyalty programs can be set for the target group of cardholders, initiated by bank and its partners. Loyalty programs provide certain benefits to customers who actively use their cards. Depending on the amount spent during the month, the cardholder receives bonuses. These bonuses from the special bonus account can be transferred to the card account or either converted into the gifts from the partner.

Customer messaging (via SMS, E-mail, ATMs, self-service kiosks) enhances the communication between banks and cardholders by informing about account balance, loans to be paid back, new credit limits and bank products, fines, or simply by sending holiday greetings.

Billing package for card account maintenance allows setting zero monthly fees for active cardholders or flexible fees depending on account balance or purchases made using the card. Customers are encouraged to use the cards more often and thus increase the income of the bank.

We have a deep experience of migrating to IS-Card from other back-office platforms and processing centers and of installing IS-Card in the banks that start card business.

Call us +38(044)461 86 98 and our specialist will consult you about new possibilities for your bank.

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