The growth of the number of ATMs and operations in them slowed down in Ukraine


According to UPC’s bank-customers data cards market dynamic in 2012 was positive as a whole – the number of cards grew (23% in 2012 comparing to 2011), cards operations (18%), number of POS-terminals (20%) and purchases in them (58%). Nevertheless the growth of the number of ATMs slowed down together with the number of operations of cash withdrawals and balance check in them. If before 2010 the number of ATMs grew stably by 6-8% annually, then in 2011 it fell to 5%, while in 2012 hardly reached 2%.

The number of all the operations in ATMs also grew more slowly: in 2012 the growth was 9% comparing to 2011, while in 2011 this indicator reached 14% comparing to 2010.

The rates of growth of the number of different additional operations in ATMs were rather high –PIN-change (162%), account to account transfer (105%), and deposit operations (42%).

Moreover the number of purchases in POS-terminals made by cards issued by UPC customer banks grew stably: in 2012 this indicator reached 58%. Internet purchases grew even quicker: in electronic shops connected to UPC purchases growth in 2012 was 81%.

“Ukrainian market is oversaturated with ATMs , - Anton Romanchuk, UPC Head of the Board says, - While purchase, maintenance and support of ATMs is rather a cost for the banks than the source of their profit, banks are more interested in purchases made by cards in POS-terminals and internet because they receive interchange. In the nearest future the number of ATMs in Ukraine and operations in them will cease to increase while the purchases by cards will grow with the same rates”.

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