Vacation’s season: where mostly Ukrainians paid by cards this summer


The result of the season: where Ukrainians went most often and whether the number of card has increased abroad compared to last year(further information in the article based on date of cards of UPC’s bank-clients).

Where mostly paid

Comparing the summer period 2018 and 2019, the total number of card payments abroad increased by 26%.
Ukrainians mostly paid by cards in Poland and the UK. In this countries in period from 1 June to 31 August 2019 were 103 000 transactions respectively, accounting for 11% of all purchases, that paid by cards abroad. It is interesting that in Poland were many payments, but small amounts – the average check equals 474 UAH. The volume of transactions Poland ranked only 9th.
Also Ukrainians actively paid by cards in Spain and Italy where the share of payments was 7% and 6% respectively of the total number of purchases abroad. Also Russia is TOP-5 by number of transactions, with 5% respectively.

Where mostly spent

Italy is the undisputed leader of purchases paid by card this summer, as it did last year. In this country was spent 12% of the total volume of purchases abroad. The average check equals 2 840 UAH (24% less than in 2018).
Second rank is the UK, the share is 10%, the average check equal 1 316 UAH. Next countries are Spain and France, where the share of payments by card representing 9% and 7%. The average amount of transaction equals 1 737 UAH in Spain and in France 2 019UAH respectively.
Germany is the fifth leading country of the volume of transaction, with 6% and the average check equals 1 856 UAH.
UPC customer-banks’ cardholders mostly paid in the supermarket, restaurants, supermarkets and petrol station, also road tax and the hotel accommodation.

ATM transactions

In the summer 2019 cash withdrawal was 10% down, compared to last year.
The largest number of ATM cash withdrawal transactions was recorded during the summer, as in the previous year, in Russia equals 6 597 transactions. It is 15% of all operations on the ATM abroad.
Also Ukrainians withdrawal cash from their cards in the USA – 12%, Poland – 10%, Germany – 7% and Turkey – 5%.
But for the volume of transactions first rank is the USA, where the share of cash  withdrawal on the ATM equals 15% of all total volume ATM transactions. The country with the highest average amount on the ATM is Germany, where the average amount of the check equals 8 784UAH.

By statistics that Ukrainians mostly paid by cards abroad, but in general spent less.


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Vacation’s season: where mostly Ukrainians paid by cards this summer