3D Secure Issuing Access Control

Strengthen payment security and prevent unauthorized use of credit cards.

3D-Secure Issuing Access Control
3D Secure 2.0

UPC systems support the updated 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) protocol, that enhances authentication capabilities for the issuer. 

This service improves user experience and makes card payments more convenient and secure.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

SCA requires two-factor authentication when accessing customer information, initiating a payment, or carrying out an action through a remote channel.

To approve a transaction, the merchant must provide the card issuer with two independent authentication factors.

Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)

To comply with 3DS 2 requirements the issuers need a risk-based authentication (RBA) that will help them to use data insights for real-time risk decisions. UPC’s RBA helps issuers to estimate transaction risk and provide convenient payments for cardholders.

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Data Preparation

We are ready to prepare data for all types of payment cards issued for international networks or local projects. A fully automated, high-speed data preparation solution to enable fast and easy card production. 

This service supports advanced smart card technologies: contact and contactless interfaces. Flexible functionality to adapt and configure the solution to customer-specific requirements.

Authorization switching & Clearing

With us the Bank gets a wide range of services for payment cards processing: debit, credit, EMV, contactless, pre-personalized, and many others.

Our multifunctional Authentic processing system provides a full cycle of transactions processing. UPC meets safety requirements that are confirmed by international audits annually.

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