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Payment cards market 2021: the rise continues
Payment cards market 2021: the rise continues user/common.seoImage

The total number of transactions has increased by 25,7% comparing to the same period of 2020. The values of the operations have grown by 33,6%. A year ago similar figures were 12.2% and 10.2%, respectively.

Around 38,1% of payments were conducted online and were aimed at service purchases. The average receipt of the operations has grown by 32% comparing to the same period year prior.

The most often paid services were utility services, mobile replenishments, video game purchases.

Also, a lot of transactions were conducted in supermarkets, taxi or courier services etc.

POS-terminal purchases

In 2021, the share of POS-terminal purchases among all transactions reached a number of 63,3%, compared to 61,8% last year. The overall number of purchases increased by 28,2%, which is 12,3% more than the last year’s growth. Cardholders conducted 8,3 operations per card on average in 2021.The average receipt, however, dropped by 4%, reaching only 511 UAH.

It is worth mentioning, that 65,2% of all POS-terminal transactions are contactless. Comparing to 2020, the numbers and values gave increased by 44% and 46% respectively.

The growing popularity is most likely caused by the pandemic – no need for cash or even touching the terminal.

Cash withdrawals (ATMs and bank offices)

Cash withdrawal operations are second in numbers with 16,5% share in 2021(15,4% and 1,1% in ATMs and POS respectively) among all of the UPC client banks’ card operations.

The numbers of ATM withdrawals have dropped by only 0,4% with 2 monthly operations per card. However, the values increased by 13,2%.The average receipt grew by 14% compared to 2020.

Cash withdrawals in bank offices have decreased by 5,5% but grew in values with 30,2% gain.

Card-to-card transfers

Cardholders transfer money to other cards 68,6% this year compared to 2020. The values of such transactions increased by 105,6% with an average receipt amounting to 2721 UAH.

In 2021 payment card market continues to grow as more and more cardholders choose cashless operations, online purchases and P2P transfers.

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