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Additional income from ATM currency exchange
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DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) provides the ability to convert funds through an ATM, when the amount of the transaction in the reference currency is converted by the acquiring bank into the currency of the BIN of the card.

Acquiring bank can set a fee for the use of the service and receive additional income on the currency conversion without the risks of the exchange rates changes.

Such operations are convenient for the cardholders and profitable for the bank that owns the ATM. Cardholders receive information about the transaction amount in the usual currency equivalent and clear service fee data.

Currently, DCC operates on European Central Bank exchange rates, mandatory for European-issued cedit cards.

Service is already active in UPC’s client-banks in several countries: Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The banks received over 18 million euro revenue in the last 9 months from the service.

UPC services and solutions for successful business and banking development in accordance with latest market trends and payment systems’ demands to provide the highest quality services.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dear Partners and Customers!
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