ATM Acquiring

Your bank has the opportunity to get extra income and provide a wide range of services in ATMs.

ATM Acquiring
Authorization & Clearing

UPC provides processing, data transfer and full management services for ATM networks.

ATM Device Driving

The bank can delegate ATM management to UPC and receive full support of managing the ATM network. 

We provide tools for registration, activation and monitoring of ATMs, as well as technical and operational support.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Theis service provides additional income from currency conversion for foreign cards in the ATM network of acquiring banks. 

Flexible setting system: the bank specifies the list of currencies for service and fee amount. 

A very relevant solution for cities or countries visited by many foreigners (tourism, education, business).

Surcharge Service

This UPC solution provides fee collection in ATMs for cash withdrawals from Visa and MasterCard cards issued by foreign banks. The service is available for all ATM models (Wincor, NCR, Diebold).

Contactless Payments

Service allows operations in NCR and Wincor ATMs using contactless VISA and Mastercard cards or mobile device with an NFC chip with mobile payment application of the Bank, or third parties (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.).

Transactions performed in this way are more secure, faster and convenient for the cardholder.

ATM Monitoring

UPC provides a full range of remote ATM monitoring and management services using UPCOnLine.

This service includes ATM registration, description of errors, its status, history of events and transactions, information about the balance, removed cards, analysis of work and statistics, forecasts and reports, and much more.

Fraud Protection

UPC offers a wide range of flexible software solutions for efficient monitoring of suspicious card transactions in real time. Through analysis of card activity in ATMs a real-time rapid response to fraud is provided.

Our security solutions increase customer loyalty and minimize potential financial and reputation losses that might result from compromised payment data.


We are ready to provide the bank with any data to analyze and evaluate efficiency of products and solutions, as well as to adjust ATM business processes. 

This includes cash statistics, report on cash replenishment, time of ATM availability, history of authorization transactions and much more.

Reports are available via the UPCOnLine remote system, through a flexible reporting API or file transfer.

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