Card management system IS-Card

IS-Card can help your bank implement credit and debit products with highly flexible parameter driven efficiency. Moreover the system serves to develop savings and checking accounts and to increase efficiency of your issuing business. IS-Card contains all necessary tools for the development of CRM and loyalty programs.

Card management system IS-Card
Loyalty Program

Gives an opportunity to create and customize various loyalty schemes for customers with accrual of bonuses, gifts, or payments.

Such programs encourage cardholders to make transactions with a certain focus  (transaction type, MCC, retail network, country, etc.).

Prepaid Cards

IS-Card supports the issuance of Instant cards of Mastercard, Visa payment systems.

Thus, the bank always has ready-made cards that can be issued to customers immediately upon contacting the bank.

Installment Payments

Banks can motivate customers to use more credit funds to pay for goods and services. Cardholders can apply for installments when paying by card on a POS-terminal.

The service allows you to choose the number of installment payments and a convenient scheme of repayment.

With Installment, the bank will receive additional income for using installments and an additional fee from retail networks.


A convenient solution for setting-up and changing the PIN-code through various channels, such as IVR, Internet/mobile banking, SMS, POS-terminal.

Allows the bank to reduce the cost of PIN-envelopes printing and deliver, speeds up cards issuance.

This solution reduces the bank's expenses for reissuing cards whose PIN has been lost, as the cardholder can set a convenient easy-to-remember PIN.

Web Access for Mobile & Internet Banking

With IS-Card web services, it is possible to perform basic operations with customer data: registration, drawing up contracts, getting card information on the card, setting a limit, and much more.

API for Internet Banking

IS-Card interacts with core banking systems (CBS), Internet and mobile banking systems in online mode through a unified API.

Credit Schemes

IS-Card offers more than 20 credit schemes for authorized overspending.

It allows regulation of the privileged grace-period, «credit vacations» and much more.

SMS-Service by Events

The solution enables the bank to send SMS messages to customers.

This can be a group of messages at the request of the client, periodic SMS, messages upon event, and so on.

Сlearing with Merchants & IPS

IS-Card supports clearing calculation with merchants and International Payment Systems.

Terms of account for companies are registered separately and whole range of accounting transactions is available.

Threshold Commissions & Interest Rates

Customization of commissions and charging conditions for cash withdrawal on ATMs and purchases at POS, taking into account the locality of transactions.

Volume based transaction pricing with incentivizing thresholds for customers increases the number of card transactions and the bank's income.

3DS2 Сompliance

Our card issuance system fully complies with the 3DS2 protocol requirements and supports online transactions using biometrics in mobile applications.

Online Interaction with Processing

The functionality assures synchronization of the current card account balance in IS-Card with the balance in the UPC processing system, which authorizes transactions.

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