E-Commerce Acquiring

We have developed the eCommerceConnect system that helps you safely to accept online payments on a website. Modern services and tools make the process of purchasing easy, fast and secure. Read more below or visit

E-Commerce Acquiring
Acceptance of Visa and MasterCard payments

Service for accepting online payments using Visa and Mastercard cards from more than 150 countries. 

Сertified security system that meets PCI DSS standards. Quick settlement of funds to the merchant’s account.

3D Secure

UPC provides 3DS2 card authorization based not only on one-time passwords but also using dynamic authentication methods such as biometrics and token-based authentication. 

This helps to increase the conversion rate of successful transactions.

Digital Wallets

Accepting payments by the most popular digital wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout and MasterPass.

An easy way to confirm payment with Touch ID or Face ID. Payment is made in one click. Possibility to directly integrate the buy buttons of these wallets into the product page or cart.

Two-stage payment

Blocking money on the client's card for up to 30 days without actually charging it.

Money is charged after the second event, for example, after the delivery of goods or after hotel check-out. Instant return of the blocked amount to the client. 

Convenient solution for marketplaces, hotels, taxi services, etc.

MOTO payments

Ability to withdraw funds from the customer's card via mail or telephone order. Don’t need physical access to the customer's card to receive payments, only a number and expiration date. 

Convenient solution for IVR payments.


Creation and secure storage of a payment card token for registered customers.

Requests for withdrawa are made to the client's card token. Possibility to set rules, frequency and amount of the charged transaction. 

An innovative solution for taxi services, payment by special mobile applications and online marketplaces.


Electronic bill that is sent to the client by SMS, email, messenger, or in other convenient way.

To pay just follow the link and choose a convenient payment method. An effective solution if the merchant does not have a website.

QR Payment

Create a QR-code payment for easy online or offline payments. Convenient way to pay both for paper bills (such as utilities) and in offline outlets. 

To pay a paper bill or at an outlet without a POS-terminal, the customers only need to scan the QR code and make a payment with their card.

Fraud Protection

A modern solution designed to detect and monitor fraudulent transactions and scams, and manage potentially dangerous malicious actions. Convenient merchant account with the ability to control payments and a built-in monitoring system that allows you to control the risks of fraudulent transactions.

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