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Payment cards for 9 months 2020: Ukrainians began to pay more on the Internet and contactless
Payment cards for 9 months 2020: Ukrainians began to pay more on the Internet and contactless user/common.seoImage

The total number of card transactions in the first nine months of this year, compared to the same period in 2019, increased by 11%, and the volume added 7.2%.  A year ago, the same figures were 21% and 19%, respectively.
For three quarters of 2020 Ukrainians paid more than 40% for services on the Internet, and the average amount of a check has doubled compared to last year. Such data was published by Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC) today, on October 12, 2020.

Thus, most often they paid utility bills, replenished their mobile accounts and paid for video games.

In addition, they paid in supermarkets, for taxi, courier services etc.

Payment by card in POS-terminals

During 9 months of 2020 the share of card purchases in POS-terminals by the number of transactions reached 62.2% of all financial transactions by cards of UPC client-banks.  In comparison with the last year, this index was 59.1. The total number of card purchases increased by 17.1%, but by 8% less than in 2019, and made an average of 5.7 monthly transactions per active card for the nine months of 2020.

During this period cardholders also spent less on purchases. The average check amount was 541 UAH, which is 14% less than in 2019.

It should be noted that 57% of all payments made by cards in POS-terminals are contactless transactions.  The number of such transactions increased by 44%, and by volumes increased by 48%.  In the conditions of the pandemic, contactless card payment is very popular — there is no need for cash or even touch POS-terminal.

Cash withdrawal operations (in ATMs and branches)

Cash withdrawal operations are the second largest in terms of quantity.  During three quarters of 2020 their share reached 21.6% (in ATM — 20.0%, in POS — 1.6%) of all financial transactions on UPC client-banks cards.

The number of ATM cash withdrawals decreased by 18.8% and amounts to two transactions per month per one active card. The volumes of ATM-transactions decreased by 10,9% and the average amount of a check was equal to 3100 UAH which is 10% more than last year.  The number of cash withdrawal operations in bank branches increased by 31.7%, and the volume of transaction — by 4.4%.

Transfers from card to card

The holders of payment cards are 71.5% more likely to send funds to other cards.  The amounts of such transfers increased by 71.9% and make up 2174 UAH.

For nine months of 2020 the card market shows the increase of indicators, but the dynamics of growth slowed down twice.
The pandemic is changing the indicators of payments: Ukrainians began to send more funds to other cards and more and more often choose online payments or contactless payment.

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